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Chlorine dioxide

Chlorine dioxide

In accordance with the "Biocidal Law", we offer Registered Chlorinated CWT-CDx produced from sodium chlorite by acidification.

Registration number: bio / 1071 / D / 18 / CCHLP

  • Generator for chlorodioxide production
  • CWT-CDx 1 + CWT-CDx 2 precursors

The benefits of chlorine dioxide
  • Effect not dependent on pH value of water
  • Durable effect - long lasting stability in water (+/- 3 days, chlorine +/- 3 hours)
  • Reduces biofilm in pipelines and containers
  • Perfect protection against LEGIONELLAS
  • Does not react with ammonia
  • Does not form chlorophenols - no odor
  • Do not form THM compounds or other chlorinated hydrocarbons (AOX)

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