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Cooling systems

Cooling systems

Open cooling systems

Open cooling systems are prone to multiple problems in their operation. The most frequent are stones deposits, corrosion, microbiological load. We can successfully overcome this problem by installing the right technology and by dispensing suitable chemicals.

  • Hardness Stabilizers - prevents the formation and growth of scale deposits in the system and contributes to the optimum performance of the cooling system
  • Dispersants - suitable for increased dustiness of the environment, with increased contamination during burdensome seasons
  • Corrosion inhibitors - In the long run, very important products that prolong the life of the cooling system
  • Biocides - Microbiological load has a direct effect on the efficiency of heat transfer, deposition of microbiological coatings, and consequent formation of sub-corrosion corrosion. By correctly choosing and using biocides, we can successfully overcome these problems.

Closed systems

  • Products for anti-corrosion protection, binding of residual oxygen, biological treatment

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