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Drinking water

The requirements for drinking water quality are high, and so we realize that even devices that provide automatic treatment and hygiene treatment of drinking water must be reliable, so we provide quality complete technological equipment to help you. From disinfection, oxidation, filtration to desalination by membrane filtration.


Technological equipment for use in the drinking water segment:


  • Various types of filters to remove mechanical impurities
  • Sand filters
  • Active carbon filters (odor removal, reduced taste quality, etc.)
  • Softening filters (removing excess calcium and magnesium)
  • De-ironing filters (removal of excess iron and manganese)
  • Ultrafiltration systems
  • Nanofiltration systems
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Dosage of disinfection (disinfection - chlorination)
  • Another type of dosage
  • Removing other substances